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Speakers: Henning Kunz Track: Sponsor
Your collaboration infrastructure contains a gold mine of information just waiting to get used. Come join Henning Kunz for this fast paced session covering a rich variety of collaboration topics such as cloud readiness, on-boarding, social adoption and more. Learn from 21 real-world companies and how they tackled their next collaboration move by diving into their very own data sets.
Speakers: Cameron Gregor Track: Development
Many Developers are familiar with the XPages Extension Library, what if you wanted to change how a control worked? or what if you wanted to figure out why it wasn't working? 'Lack of documentation' you lament! But... the source code is right there and serves as the best documentation available. However, if you wanted to explore the source code, would you even know where to start? When Developing a XPages UI control there are a LOT of moving parts and configuration. Using a well know Extension Library Control as a practical example, we will demonstrate the purpose of all these parts that make up the User Control, and how to find them within the source code.
With support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 being introduced in IBM Domino, clients have been rapidly upgrading web server security within their on-premise Domino deployments for the past 12 months. Over that time, we have been able to deliver industry standard browser security to the native Domino HTTP stack, using company-wide wildcard certificates deployed across all platforms. By sharing our experiences and lessons learned, we'll show how we've successfully implemented TLS 1.2 for our clients' Web Servers; developing and following best practices to ensure the highest level of Domino Web Server security for our clients and users.
Speakers: Theo Vereker Track: Sponsor
Migration from on-prem to the cloud is the future for many organisations and many have already begun reaping the benefits. In this session you'll hear real world customer stories, such as Deakin University (Connections & Portal), Emergency Management Victoria (Domino), Pirtek (Notes & Domino), and many more. Hear how they are benefitting from IBM's Collaboration Software in the cloud leveraging Cloud42 services from ISW.
We will explore exciting new cloud-based services which will empower you and your team to engage users with personalized, adaptive, and relevant content through your website and mobile app, at the right time for them to take action. Discover how this next generation of mobile engagement service enable you to author, deliver, and manage content delivered to the omnichannel world without the need to involve your mobile development teams.
Are you interested in IBM Verse? Do you have a dual entitlement for IBM Notes/Domino OnPrem and Cloud? Are you considering moving your messaging environment to the cloud but don't know where to start? Did you know you can setup a hybrid environment without impacting your users? Is a hybrid environment easy to setup? If you ever had any of these questions this session is for you. Come and learn what it takes to setup a Hybrid environment in less than a day as well as tips and best practices learned in the trenches. This session will cover the complete process and you will be ready to tackle your own implementation.
Speakers: Janelle Amet Track: Business
IBM Verse and Connections Cloud represent the best-in-class tools for the #NewWayToWork. That means that IBMers needed access to these solutions from the day they were available. The challenge - how to deploy new tools to over 400,000 IBMers and contractors as fast as possible. The result - a complete rollout in a matter of months. The learnings - numerous and ready to share! In this session, Janelle Amet, Global Community Manager supporting the deployment and adoption of Verse and Connections Cloud will discuss how the IBM CIO organisation achieved their goal -- using an agile approach, rapidly, and globally. The importance of change management, communications, and support will be examined.
Speakers: Lea Medhurst Track: Development
You know that a lot of design thinking went into Verse but what is it, and can I apply design thinking to other areas of my business. If your thinking about your next Domino application or anything through to your next redesign of that tricky business process you can use design thinking to achieve a better out come. Combined with an agile methodology amazing results cane be achieved. In this session I will talk about what other companies have done, go through practically how you need to change what your doing and how you can get started on this approach
Many IT managers, IT architects and decision makers find it challenging to define a future strategy among the onslaught of demands to try something else, on-premise or in the cloud. This session will arm you with crucial information to defend years of successful investments in the IBM Notes and Domino platform, producing factual data that can be trusted. You will learn how your roadmap becomes stronger when obtaining evidence from your environment that reveals how your business is making use of the IBM Notes and Domino platform so successfully deployed.
Speakers: Lea Medhurst Track: Business
So you have had Notes and Domino running successfully for years but perhaps some of your workflow applications are aging or you are looking for ways to be more agile in delivering web based applications but you are unsure what to do. Have you thought about complimenting your Notes and Domino environment with products that address the needs of HR departments or maybe you need to make your marketing department happy with a new mobile application. In this session we will explore 'ready to go' cloud applications that can extend your environment of business ready applications to deliver better outcomes and make you look like a star.
Speakers: Perry Rosenboom Track: Business
In 2015 IBM and Box announced a strategic partnership spanning different areas within the IBM organization, from ECM, Cloud, Analytics to Social. Box offers a leading Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution that is well suited to be integrated into various IBM offerings to provide a central place for cloud hosted document management capabilities. In this session you will learn about the various integration points, how customers can leverage this partnership and what IBM ESS's plans are for the integration roadmap.
Speakers: Gary Wickham Track: Business
IBM Connections Cloud (formerly IBM SmartCloud) is a collection of collaboration, social and messaging tools that combines IBM Verse enterprise-class email, instant messaging, online document editing, web conferencing, file sharing and social business services in an easier-to-deploy, simplified package. As a SaaS cloud-based service, your collaboration tools are managed by IBM, allowing you to focus on your core business. This session will provide an overview and demo of the wide range of services offered by Connections Cloud today and how we are bringing new capabilities online on a continual basis.
Speakers: Gary Wickham Track: Business
IBM Dual Entitlement is a new set offerings that remove the complexity when licensing a mix of on-premises software and cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS). These offerings give organizations the flexibility to decide where they want their software to reside without having to deal with multiple licensing models. Customers can focus on how and when they want to move between on-premises and cloud deployments. This session will include an overview and explanation of how this new universal part number licensing model works and how existing customers can take advantage of it whether they have on-prem, cloud or both entitlements today.
Since IBM introduced IBM mail support for MS Outlook ( aka as “ Project Hawthorn ” ) many customers have been taking advantage of this new deployment option to provide Mail to users using their client of preference. Project Hawthorn provides the unique capability of “Bring Your Own Client (BYOC)” by allowing them to use MS Outlook without having to replace the IBM Domino platform. Use this in conjunction with the Notes Browser Plugin and XPages and provide a unique experience. Come to this session and walk away with a clear vision of our roadmap, Best Practices, Step by Step instructions and tons of tips from the field.
WebSphere Portal 8.5 has been available since 2014. It contains loads of new and great features and new features are being added all the time. If you have a Portal, or are interested in the benefits of a Portal this session will provide you with valuable insight into the following 2 key areas: What's New: In the first half of the presentation we will focus on the benefits of the technology. What is a portal, why do you need one? What are some of the interesting and useful features of Portal/WCM 8.5. How do I get there: I don't have a Portal, how do I get one? I have a Portal but it's old and ugly and is in need of an upgrade. How do I upgrade? We will cover the high level steps required to define, plan and implement your new Portal or Upgrade. What are the gotcha's to be aware of and what are the best practices for upgrading your Portal/WCM environment. We will show case some recent examples of both an upgrade and a new implementation
Speakers: Mat Newman Wes Allen Track: General
We have assembled a complete panel of solution experts from around the globe, who will endeavour to answer any/all questions you may have. This session format has proven very successful at many conferences, and we have
In this session we will demonstrate patterns of integration with specific focus on the new Watson Analytic services, IBM Connections and IBM Forms Experience Builder.
Speakers: Steve Hooper Track: Sponsor
mySafety is an integrated Safety Management System. mySafety meets the needs of clients globally and is one of the lowest cost solutions available on the market. Cloud based solution, 8 modules incorporating Policies & Procedures, Incident Reporting, Corrective Actions, Insurance Management, Compliance, Risk Register, Safety Activity, Reporting all at one low cost per employee. Learn how Domino and xPages with OHS can help an organisation be safer and compliant.
IBM Verse is the next generation Web-based messaging and collaboration client leveraging the latest modern browser technology and HTML5 for the corporate enterprise market deployed as a cloud service. This session will look at some of the technology and futures of IBM Verse and the next major release of Domino
Speakers: Penny Hill Track: Business
It use to be the only way to get your solutions known is through an ad on TV. With social media, analytics, and the world of digital, the way to engage has completely changed. Come hear how marketing is adapting to this new world especially for IBM Collaboration solutions. You will learn how programmatic marketing is revolutionizing how we target the right audience,
Speakers: Colin Westacott Track: Sponsor
Ephox works closely with IBM in the areas of WCM and Connections to provide users with an exceptional user experience. Working with IBM labs, Ephox has made available – the next generation online editor – a unique JavaScript HTML editor offering advanced editing for Connections and WCM and without the requirement of Java. is free to IBM customers under their Connections and WCM license entitlements. Ephox will present on the new editor for WCM and Connections and how it will both enhance the user experience and make life easier for IT administrators. does not require java removing a major objection to Connections and WCM users employing advanced editing. Ephox will cover the benefits of the editor, the advanced features and technical details. We will cover the customer rights under the IBM license to use free of charge. represents a very significant advancement for Connections and WCM allowing every customer to use advanced editing to both maximise the user experience and the return on investment in IBM solutions.
Speakers: Cameron Donnelly Track: Development
The steps taken to convert an existing Notes application from traditional web development to XPages application utilising the Bootstrap Framework, including learnings, things I would do differently, suggested improvements and future enhancements.
Speakers: Justine Gale Track: Business
Social tools are critical to organisational success and it is critical to have the most engaging experiences for employees to adopt and utilise these tools. However, various groups within your organisations sometime struggle to see the applicability of technology solutions to the problems they face everyday. HR is no exception! Hear about common HR Challenges, how those are solved through HR actions, and the critical role that social approaches can play in those solutions.
The IBM social communications portfolio, comprised of Sametime, Connections Chat & Connections Meetings, is delivering even more value now with the latest series of product releases. In this session you will hear the roadmap and strategy for social communications, in the cloud and on-premises, hear our customer success stories, and see demonstrations of the latest features we have to offer. Chat, meetings, voice and video compose the real-time fabric of collaboration and are a natural complement to other asynchronous applications like email, files, and wikis, in our pursuit for efficiency.
Speakers: Johan Poot Track: Development
The Bootstrap framework is a responsive web framework that is surprising simple to understand and adopt. Learn how to build a simple 'bootstrapped' web application. This session will cover the the basics that will let you starting utilising this effective framework. Included will be some tips on how to create your own re-useable Custom Controls that will save you time when building your fully responsive application.
Speakers: Cameron Gregor Track: Development
Have you ever lost 3 days work because of a template refresh and no backup? I have! It didn't feel good. I am sure there are even worse stories out there. Once you use Source Control, you will wonder how you lived without it. At last years AUSLUG I was surprised when I asked the room how many developers are using source control, only a handful of people put their hands up. Source Control had previously long been off limits for domino developers unless you used proprietary products, but now Domino Designer has a 'Source Control Enablement' feature you have no excuse not to use it! Ok, there may be some valid excuses... however come along to this session to get some questions answered and maybe help you decide whether to give it a go!
This session will update everyone on the latest new features introduced in IBM WebSphere Portal and WCM since the shipment of V8.5 last year. A rich, meaningful digital experience is the key to effective engagement in today's integrated digital world.
Speakers: Viktor Krantz Track: Development
Demos of Domino apps running in Bluemix leveraging Watson and integrating other services. Go behind the scenes and learn how to do this yourself. This session shows you how to do many of the practical things you need in order to make the most of the Bluemix platform. How to add a service, scale an application, connect to an LDAP directory, leverage REST services, connect to on-premises Domino server... the list goes on!
It's 2016 – your application portfolio is being reviewed and scrutinized. Email and application platforms are being separated. Users' expectations of their work experiences are higher than ever. But you're invested in your Notes & Domino applications – what do you do? Looking through the lens of IBM ESS solutions, we will answer that question by providing a roadmap and experiences to help you choose the best path. We will deep dive into the five aspects of Application Modernization: User Experience, Social, Cloud, Mobile, & Modern Workflow. See demos of actual application transformations and the impact they have within an organization. Learn how new functionality in the products will make your journey easier. See live demos putting AM into practice.

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