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INFORM 2016 (Sydney Australia, Thursday 10th & Friday 11th March) is Australia's premier IBM Collaboration Solutions technology event, bringing together delegates from across Australia. INFORM's aim is to provide attendees with focused access to the best local and international IBM industry experts, covering the latest advances in the IBM Collaboration Solutions suite of products. This is the event to attend if you want to stay current with Social Business, Mobile and Cloud as a developer, administrator, or decision maker.

And best of all, attendance is FREE thanks to our generous sponsors.

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Platinum Sponsor

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Sponsors for Inform 2016 AusLUG events could not exist without our generous sponsors. From hiring a venue to catering and the ever popular event coffee, the entire expense of hosting ou

Your sponsorship opportunity for the Australian ICS-related event of 2016
Sponsoring at Inform 2016. Due to the huge success of previous AusLUG events, we are proud to announce Inform 2016 which again will be the largest ICS-related event to take place in Aust

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